We believed the electronic health record could be smarter. Now it is.

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At Dorsata, we’ve reimagined the electronic health record experience to provide women’s health care providers, life sciences, and health plans with better point-of-care technology and clinical data.

Built in consultation with hundreds of Ob-Gyns, our EHR tool embeds natively in the obstetrics workflow to improve patient care and aggregate rich and structured clinical data—across a nationwide network of providers and patients.

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women’s health practice sites across 20 states


Dorsata clinical users


patients cared for annually by clinicians using Dorsata


pregnancies and related data documented using Dorsata

Our Solutions


The EHR never lived up to its initial promise—especially for obstetrics workflows. That’s what inspired us to build a point-of-care platform just for Ob-Gyns. We took the simplicity of the ACOG prenatal flowsheet and made it smarter—with ACOG clinical guidelines and a powerful rules-based engine to improve diagnosis, treatment, and documentation right at the point of care.


The underrepresentation of women in clinical studies creates information deficits in women’s health—with real world impacts for providers, health plans, and other businesses that rely on clinical research. For example, pregnant patients are nearly universally excluded from formal clinical trials and thus this population lacks clarity on whether certain medications and vaccines are safe for them. Dorsata Insights provides you with technology to collect real world clinical data in a meaningful, standardized ways from our network of women’s health providers and their millions of patients.

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