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Dorsata enables risk-bearing entities to transparently see and manage their patient populations. The Dorsata platform provides a single point for uniformly delivering clinically-appropriate and best-practice workflows across a high-performing Ob-Gyn provider network. Dorsata’s program enhances its customers’ current capabilities to proactively engage, address questions, and manage the pregnancy episode.

Notifications and Real-time Patient Insight

Receive real-time notifications when a patient is confirmed pregnant and have visibility into the patient’s clinical data, appointment attendance, and care plan throughout the episode.

Uniform Care Guideline and Clinical Policy Adherence

An intuitive workflow that Ob-Gyns love enables systematic deployment and adherence to clinical guideline and policy adherence. Providing consistent care through best practices, that apply to everyone, across a fragmented provider base improves outcomes and episodic cost. This process enables a precise plan-of-care that is based on the unique characteristics of every patient.

HEDIs and Quality Measure Reporting

Standardized clinical quality measure data from high-performance OB-gyn networks shared in real-time to health plans in support of CMS reporting requirements.


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