Dorsata for Women’s Health Providers​​

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Dorsata brings a solution designed by Ob-Gyns and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to deliver an unparalleled experience enhancing care quality and productivity. The solution employs a simple and intuitive user-experience alongside a powerful rules engine that builds a precise plan-of-care for each patient. Ob-Gyns have long been frustrated by EHRs built to accommodate a broad spectrum of clinical specialties — because they lacked the focus needed to address obstetrical care.

Ob-Gyns who use the Dorsata solution enjoy an intuitive EHR experience designed for them, along with tangible benefits:

Improve Clinical Quality and Controls

Dorsata helps organizations comply with burdensome quality program reporting, allowing providers to increase revenue through Episode-of-Care and value-based programs.

Mitigate Risk

Our clinical rules engine leverages ACOG guidelines to surface a precise plan of care at the right time, in each patient’s prenatal visit.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Built explicitly for Ob-Gyns, the Dorsata solution enables health care providers to do more with less time. 

The ACOG Prenatal Record, Designed by Ob-Gyns for Ob-Gyns

It's Familiar

The ACOG Prenatal Record brings back the simplicity, flexibility, and familiarity of the original paper prenatal record. It’s an app for your EHR built specifically for obstetrics.

It's Smart

ACOG best-practices drive a precise plan of care for each patient that’s based on gestational age, pregnancy hx, problem list, and other risk factors.

It's Simple

Because the ACOG Prenatal Record is modeled after the original paper prenatal record, it is incredibly intuitive. Training takes as little as a week.

A Simple Clinical Interface That's Actually Easy To Use.

This is more than just a pretty flowsheet. Everything you need to know about your patient is captured in one view. By bringing back the simplicity and flexibility of the original paper ACOG Prenatal Record, you spend less time clicking and scrolling.


Visualize your patient’s entire pregnancy through an easy-to-navigate flowsheet, pull up phone encounters without having to dig through multiple records, and quickly enter flowsheet values, no matter what device you are using.

“I believe this is the best thing to come to EMR in years. Now that it is live it continues to improve and impress me every day. Having decision support and reminders gives better care to the patient and will ultimately help avoid a lawsuit. The application works smoothly every patient, day. Each update improves the application more and more and I only wish that a gynecology application was also available. No question every Obstetrician on Athena should be utilizing this product.” DANIEL WELLING, MD, WOMEN’S HEALTH OF CT | CLINIC SIZE: 200

Real-time ACOG Guidance, Based on Her Pregnancy.

The latest ACOG-powered decision support rules help frame each visit for you by tailoring time-saving, visit-specific clinical workflows (orders, labs, tests, and more) for not only each patient’s routine care but also their OB-specific problems. When ACOG updates or releases new practice bulletins, the ACOG Prenatal Record by Dorsata updates automatically.


Even better, we can configure the ACOG Prenatal Record to surface practice-specific recommendations and actions to fit the way you practice.

“I cannot tell you how refreshing it has been to have an EHR developer base their programming on clinician input! Amazing! 
The product has continued to evolve and includes clinical pathway reminders, tablet-friendly flowsheets, recommended weight gain graphs, and so much more. Coding updates will be released soon that will allow billing to be efficient and less time-consuming for the physician. The pathways are ACOG endorsed and come with reference citations, very helpful for clinical updates. The best thing about this product is the team continues to invest in it daily, addressing concerns and taking suggestions. Absolutely the wave of the future.”

Create Reminders to Plan for the Future.

Managing pregnancy involves a significant amount of planning for the future. Using the ACOG Prenatal Record by Dorsata, you can set reminders for clinical tasks or patient engagement activities (e.g., “Remind me to ask Olivia about her family trip to the beach”). You can schedule reminders for a certain gestational age, your next visit with the patient, or even a specific date.

Provider groups leveraging Dorsata

Works Seamlessly With Your EHR.

The ACOG Prenatal Record by Dorsata integrates directly with your EHR to enhance the way you manage pregnancies. All patient relevant information (problems, allergies, meds, previous visits, orders, and labs) is kept in sync, meaning that all findings documented and orders entered are pushed back to your EHR in real-time.

“Our practice has become more efficient since we’ve been on Dorsata; more importantly we know we’re delivering quality care to the 45 patients we see per day.”
Dr. Brandon Lingenfelter


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